Do Escorts Really Like Sex?

For many guys looking to try an escort for the first time, it’s a common question. Many people fear that when they call an escort, they’ll get nothing more than some kind of robotic love doll that doesn’t instill any passion or wanting. I am sure that most guys would like to believe that they are such fantastic lovers, how could a lady fail to enjoy their attention? How could a girl not love having sex with me? Let’s look into this issue a little bit and try to find some clarity.First of all, before we go any further, there is no doubt that the majority of istanbul escorts really enjoy sex with their customers. But for many it is a job, and that complicates things a little bit. For example, some ladies have a very set routine that they follow, and any form of spontaneity is unwelcome. That doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the sex however, it just means that they take it much more seriously and want things done in a specific way. Is it because they just want the money, that they really are just like sex robots?Well for some ladies, this is (unfortunately for you) true. It’s not unusual to hear from a girl you’ve hired that she’s “too tired to care” or “just trying to do business”. Usually these ladies don’t last long in the industry though, and they rarely work for the top agencies. An escort who doesn’t make a man feel satisfied isn’t worth anything to anyone. It’s like a chef that can’t cook, you don’t go back to his restaurant and he loses his job.Of course for the large majority that love sex, sometimes they want it a little different than their average customer. Many customers are perhaps a bit lonely, or have been waiting awhile for some sex, while the girl has been very busy lately. Few escorts truly enjoy being pounded on for a few hours when they are already sore from the night before. If a guy is treating a girl like nothing more than a piece of meat, how can she relax and enjoy it? That’s definitely something to keep in mind before your next visit to an escort.Certainly it helps the girl, and you too for that matter, to make it a comfortable, sensual experience for all involved. A girl doesn’t get into this industry if she doesn’t like sex, plain and simple as that. But you have to remember that escorts are people too, and as such they all have different tastes and different desires. If you’re worried that your escort isn’t going to enjoy being in bed with you, take the necessary precautions before you meet with her. Put her at ease, make her feel relaxed and happy, make her feel sensual. It’s guaranteed that if you do all these things, she will more respond in kind, and soon you’ll both be enjoying some of the best sex you’ve ever had.